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The Doors Alive
The Doors Alive
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When the Doors Alive first sauntered on to the stage at Society last Friday night, you knew you were in for a good night.

As a massive Doors fan, perhaps I’m biased, but the band captured the essence of the most exciting and dynamic band of the 60s.

As the band took to the stage to cheers from the waiting crowd, and as the first notes of Touch Me sounded, If you closed your eyes, you could have been at the Whisky A Go Go in the mid 60s not Society on a Friday night in Kirkcaldy.

From Hello, I Love You to LA Women, to the bands’ biggest hit, Light My Fire, the audience loved every minute and barely paused for breath as they sang and danced along. And the hits just kept on coming.

They certainly knew their stuff and had done their homework on the Doors, capturing each and every quirk of the members and for those of us not lucky enough or in the case of myself, far too young to have seen the band live, it was like Mr Mojo Risin’ himself was centre stage backed by a great bunch of musicians.

Fronted by Willie Scott, originally from Kirkcaldy, who eerily captured the look, sound and spirit of Jim Morrison with ease, the band played close to two hours rounding the night off with a superb rendition of The End.

A fitting ending to a great night.

Door Alive still have two more shows in Scotland, Aberdeen then Dundee. Go see them. Your ears will thank you and your life will be better for it.