Review: Dressed to kill (and thrill)!

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Rocky Horror Show (Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline)

The bloke behind me has a pint in his hand and is sitting making small talk. He’s dressed in suspenders and wearing high heels.

The bloke behind me has a pint in his hand and is sitting making small talk. He’s dressed in suspenders and wearing high heels.

Along the row, a burly chap has opted for a black basque and full make up, while across the aisle sit hosts of folk in feather boas, maids outfits, and doctor’s clothes.

Such sights have surely never been seen before on a Monday night in Dunfermline. The bus journey in must have raised a few eyebrows!

Welcome to the quite bonkers but absolutely fun world of the Rocky Horror Show where anything goes, where folk shout out lines, put actors off their stride, and everyone knows exactly when to do that pelvic thrust.

Forty years after its launch, Richard O’Brien’s cult musical still has the ability to get people up and dancing, and entering into the spirit of the night.

For Rocky virgins - and I was among that number - it was a hoot.

True, I left my basque at home, and figured there was no way I’d make it down the slope from the car park in a set of heels, so I salute the blokes who raided their partner’s wardrobes and went out into the night as if they were just popping into B & Q.

O’Brien’s musical has, at its heart, a cracking soundtrack which is steeped in rock ‘‘n’ roll, and a story that. on paper, just sounds nuts.

Plain, wide-eyed Janet and Brad - played by Dani Harmer and the excellent Ben Forster - encounter the stocking-clad sweet transvestite from Transylvania, Frank-N-Furter (Oliver Thornton), his sidekick Riff-Raff (Kristian Lavercombe) and his creation Rocky (Henry Davis).

The story of their move to the dark side is told by the narrator Philip Franks who gets the most delicious, sardonic lines and put-downs for the audience interaction. The more they respond, the more fun he has ...

Rocky Horror is a true cult classic with a built-in feel-good factor which really is impossible to resist, and this show will have you laughing from start to finish.

And yes it’ll have you on your feet for the ‘Timewarp’ - so indulge yourself and just go for it!

Dresing up is optional (phew!), but, ahem, if you ever wanted an excuse to try on that basque you ocne bought your wife then this is surely it!

And if you find yourself swapping fashion tips in the gents then you will know you’ve been well and truly Rocky’d!

A great show which will have you singing and smiling.

What more can you ask for?

Allan Crow

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