Roof halfway there

Methilhill Primary School from the air (Tam Pelan)
Methilhill Primary School from the air (Tam Pelan)
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WORK on the £2.2million project to replace Methilhill Primary School’s roof is well under way.

As can be seen in our photograph, taken by microlight pilot Tam Pelan, over half of the glass has now been stripped off the top of the building, as contractors plough ahead with plans to completely renew the structure.

Although obvious signs of the work being carried out have only just become clear in the past few months, work in fact started behind the scenes in the early half of 2011 when the decision was taken to undergo the costly project.

At the time it was described as a necessary “major investment and a major undertaking” by Councillor Douglas Chapman, due to the roof’s deteriorating condition.

It had been besieged with problems of theft and vandalism over a prolonged period of time, with the situation getting so bad that police patrols were stepped up in the area around the Chemiss Road building to try and prevent people from smashing panes and stripping it of its lead.

Rainwater, it had been said, was even pouring into some storage areas with buckets needing to be used to catch it.

A spokesperson for Fife Council confirmed to the Mail work is still on schedule with pupils, currently getting their lessons at a special campus at Buckhaven High School, due to return after the Christmas and New Year holiday.