Sand rhino destroyed in Crail

Crail Sand Sculpture Vandalism
Crail Sand Sculpture Vandalism

The vandalism of a local art installation in Crail has been described as a “tragic shame”.

A sand sculpture of a white rhino with its baby – created as part of the East Neuk Festival in June – was targeted sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning.

The face and horn of the sand animal have been completely destroyed, alongwith the baby rhino.

Graham Anderson, owner of the Honey Pot Tearoom where the sculpture sits, said it was a massive disappointment for the whole village.

He said: “It was OK at about 10.30 p.m. on Friday, but sadly, by Saturday morning, it had been vandalised.”

Mr Anderson, who also owns the adjoining guesthouse, said there had been a little bit of noise but nothing notable.

And although there was bad rain early on Saturday morning, he said the damage could not have been caused by the weather because the sculpture is sprayed with glue to make it impervious to the elements.

In another blow, it is feared fundraising for the tagging of white rhinos will now end following the vandalism.

Graham had just recently placed a collection bucket next to the sculpture to raise funds for the tagging of white rhinos, which are targeted for their ivory horns, and had already collected over £200 in just a few days.

“The charity was even going to send up t-shirts for the local kids to wear to raise awareness of this fundraising,” said Mr Anderson. “The sculpture brought so much joy to all of the children; they loved it.”

The sculpture was designed and created by Sand In Your Eye, a team of talented sand and ice sculptors from Bradford.

Tom Bolland from the company said: “There was a team of three of us and it took five days to create the whole thing.

“It went down really well with the locals and it’s a real shame this has happened.”