Stop using our bins as a dumping ground!

Rubbish bags piling up at the side of communal refuse bins in Kirkcaldy High Street (east end).
Rubbish bags piling up at the side of communal refuse bins in Kirkcaldy High Street (east end).

Angry traders in the east end of Kirkcaldy High Street are calling for communal bins to be moved as they are being used as a dumping ground.

And they say that the large metal bins for domestic waste, outside the former cinema are being ignored, with residents dumping bags of refuse at the side of them instead of putting them inside.

In the recent hot weather the waste has been attracting flies and seagulls, as well as causing “a horrible smell” which traders claim is putting customers off and means they have to keep windows and doors closed.

“It’s getting beyond a joke and we are really suffering because of it,” said Debbie Scott, owner of Hipe Hair Extensions at 260 High Street.

“Rubbish has been lying piled up for days on end and it’s really disgusting. It looks awful and really brings down the area.”

Graham Laing of the Tattoo Studio next door said: “I have never seen it this bad and I have been here for seven years.

‘‘There used to be the odd bag, but nothing like this. Last week there must have been about a dozen bags lying there with rotting food waste and goodness knows what else in them. It is becoming a real health hazard.”

Debbie said: “I don’t know why they can’t move the bins just around the corner at the side of the cinema where at least they would be out of sight and away from our front doors and not messing up the town’s main street.

‘‘There aren’t any others along the High Street.”

Roddy Mann, senior environmental operations manager, said officers had identified one of those responsible for dumping the rubbish and a £200 fine issued.

“We don’t propose to move the bins at this time. If the bins were moved round the corner they would be on a slope which is not a safe position.”