The razor’s edge for hacks

Paul Mccabe and Paul Cardwell
Paul Mccabe and Paul Cardwell
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Three reporters from the Fife Free Press group spent the last month with some extra face furniture as they took part in the Movember campaign.

After a series of “I will if you will” discussions, the two Pauls, McCabe and Cardwell, and Glenrothes Gazette community reporter Neil Henderson decided to join millions of men around the world in growing a moustache in November, giving themselves the team name ‘The Handlebar Hacks’.

Neil Henderson

Neil Henderson

For Paul McCabe it was his third year in a row taking part. “I had grown a handlebar for the last two years but rather worryingly people told me I suited it, so this time I decided that any attempt in looking respectable was out.

“I attempted the 80s Scouser Mo. Whether I succeeded or not is another matter entirely of course.”

Indeed, over the month Paul was more often likened to a French detective, Neil drew comparisons to a Mexican bandit, whereas Paul Cardwell best resembled...a man completely unable to grow a moustache.

The intrepid trio are now all clean shaven much to their relief. Neil no longer draws disapproving looks from his wife, Paul Mc’s kids let him kiss them goodbye in the morning once again, and Paul C will just carry on as normal as no-one noticed his rather feeble attempt anyway.

“Many thanks to all our friends and in particular work colleagues who donated,” he said. “We had a good laugh doing it - mostly at my expense!”

You can still donate to the team at