Time traveller Les & the famous ‘Silurian’

Les and 'Silurian' friend Neve

Les and 'Silurian' friend Neve

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THEY are known for sometimes fanatical devotion to one of television’s most iconic characters.

But one Doctor Who fan is awaiting the next episode more eagerly than most after meeting one of the actresses who will feature.

Matt Smith, as the Doctor, is ready to take the TARDIS for a spin in the Christmas special

Matt Smith, as the Doctor, is ready to take the TARDIS for a spin in the Christmas special

Les Moyes spent time with Neve McIntosh when he attended one of the time traveller show’s highly popular conventions earlier this year.

He also received inside information about this year’s Festive special, which will provide one of the highlights of BBC1’s Christmas Day schedule.

Les (44) said: “Neve has appeared quite a lot in the show recently in different roles, and in this one she will play Madame Vastra, a Silurian.

“She’s a ‘goody’ who helps the Doctor and she has become quite popular with fans of the show because she’s a wee bit different from the normal type of aliens that they have.

“I was down at the convention in England in May and Neve was one of the special guests.

“We spoke quite a bit and even danced and she’s a very nice lady - she follows me on Twitter and we message each other about this and that.”

Despite being a life-long fan, and having seen many Doctors and their assistants come and go over the years, the Woodside man rates the current incumbents as his favourites

He added: “I have met Matt Smith and to me he is the best Doctor ever. My favourite companion would be Karen Gillan (who is leaving the show).”

Les also said that his top villains are the Cybermen, but wouldn’t reveal if they will be appearing in the special, adding: “I better not say too much about it as I don’t want to spoil it for people.”