Tommy in town seeking a ‘Yes’ from Glenrothes

Tommy Sheridan in Glenrothes
Tommy Sheridan in Glenrothes

Outspoken firebrand socialist - Tommy Sheridan - was in town speaking on behalf of the Yes campaign last night.

The former politician, who came to prominence for his stance against the introduction of the poll tax in the 1989, brought his one-man ‘Hope and Fear’ debate to the CISWO Club ahead of the Independence Referendum which draws ever nearer.

No one from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to Gordon Brown, the national media and the Coalition Government escaped the wrath of Mr Sheridan’s scorn as he gave his views on why he wants a ‘yes’ vote on September 18.

Around 150 members of the public applauded calls for the Scottish people to have the right to decide who governs the country.

Mr Sheridan, who is no stranger to Fife in recent times, this was his sixth public speaking engagement of the year in the Kingdom, argued that the scrapping of Trident and nuclear weapons would help an independent Scotland to “save” the national health service and secure a the “best possible” future for education.

He also voiced his support for a scrapping of the monarchy, the desire for a Scottish currency and for an independent Scotland to leave the European Union, pointing towards what he saw as the economic success of Scandinavian countries as the model.

“This isn’t about whether you like Alex Salmond or the SNP, the future of this country and its prosperity is bigger than any one party and we have the chance to give ourselves the right to decide who runs Scotland in the future,” he later told the Gazette.

“We no longer have to look over our shoulder at Westminster if only we make that decision for ourselves,” he added.

Craig Walker, lead organiser for the Yes campaign in Glenrothes said the evening had offered “thoughtful argument in favour of a yes vote”.