Transport next to come under fresh scrutiny

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HOT on the heels of Fife Council warnings about the way its education services are likely to be run in the future, the authority has now turned its attention to transport.

Earlier this month the Mail reported on the “hard choices” the council said it was preparing to make on education, such as a potential closing of “half full” schools.

Last week the authority released a similar press statement where it spoke of the “challenging task” of keeping Fife moving as a squeeze on budgets continue.

The council expects to need to make savings of around £90 million by 2015 and for the authority’s transportation services a slice of those savings means that changes to the way particular services are delivered are now “a necessity.”

Chair of the enterprise, environment and transportation committee, Councillor Tony Martin, said: “Doing nothing is not an option – we have to change and reform.

”We promised Fifers that we would invest in the Kingdom’s roads and keep them safe, we would make Fife a leading green council by exploring greener transport options, and we would improve our response to severe weather through the winter months.

“These are all still priorities for us and we will deliver – it’s how we continue to make that investment that presents us with the tough choices we now face.”

As budget decisions in February move closer, it’s expected the council will review the number of subsidised bus routes across the Kingdom, focus concession schemes to those who need them most and look again at parking charges.