Vandals target cricket club - again!

Quad bike was stolen and set alight at club canteen cabin
Quad bike was stolen and set alight at club canteen cabin


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Vandals have targeted Glenrothes Cricket Club for the third time in two weeks, this time attempting to set fire to the club buildings.

The attack is thought to have taken place on Monday evening, (July 1) when a quad bike was stolen from a house in the Collydean area of the town and placed outside the door of the club’s canteen cabin and set alight.

Damage was caused to external paintwork and steel cladding and the vehicle was destroyed in the incident.

Vandals also caused irreparable damage to water pipes, the second such attack in as many weeks, removed internal elements from CCTV cameras and burned holes in practice nets.

The spate of recent attacks has prompted club chairman Eddie Gibbs to call for the Police to step up their attempts to catch the vandals.

“Front page news in the Glenrothes Gazette last week but still minimal communication from the local police,” Mr Gibbs told the Gazette.

“Enough is enough, never once does there appear to be any sort of ongoing investigation, coming along to take a statement each time seems to be about the limit of their efforts as far as we can make out.

“Having spoken to my colleagues at the club our overriding feeling is the lack of police urgency is leaving us open-game to the vandals, when will something change?

“Our groundsman reported the latest vandalism at around 10.30 a.m, but by two o’clock he headed home upon no officer arriving at the ground to inspect the crime scene.”

Kenny Crichton, operations officer for the Gilvenbank Park-based club said an urgent meeting had now been arranged whereby members will discuss with Police, councillors and representatives from North Glenrothes Community Council, possible ways to end the attacks.

“The club is continually shelling out money it simply doesn’t have to keep on top of the vandalism and allow for training and matches to continue,” said Mr Crichton.

“We urge the local community to help us by calling 07557 403533 with any information that may lead to identifying the vandals.”