Village school earns praise

Crail Primary School
Crail Primary School

Government inspectors have praised the variety of learning experiences at Crail Primary School and Nursery Class, including the use of the outdoors to extend and enrich children’s learning.

But the visitors, who attended on behalf of Education Scotland, also held discussions with staff and Fife Council about how further improvements could be made.

“We are satisfied with the overall quality of provision,” a spokesman said.

“We are confident that the school’s self-evaluation processes are leading to improvements.

“As a result, we will make no further visits in connection with this inspection.

“As part of its arrangements for reporting to parents on the quality of education, Fife Council will inform parents about the school’s progress.”

The key strengths of the school identified in the report included the level of engagement of parents and partners in children’s learning, the positive ethos which creates a strong sense of belonging for all children, and the teamwork of staff and leadership of the acting headteacher in driving forward school improvements.

The spokesman added: “We discussed with staff and Fife Council how they might continue to improve the school and nursery class.”

Inspectors, school staff and council representatives agreed that developing tracking of children’s achievements across all aspects of the school should be continued to ensure the youngsters achieved as highly as possible.

It was also acknowledged that children’s leadership skills should be developed further through increased opportunities for leading aspects of school life.

Nicola Wallace, who has just started her second year as acting head at Kirkmay Road, having been at the school for two years before that, said everyone was delighted with the report and it was pleasing to have so many key factors praised.

Among the features highlighted was the team work within the staff, which, she was very proud of, she said.

“I am also really proud of all the children at the school – they work really hard all the time and it’s lovely that that’s been recognised by inspectors from outside. We were really pleased with everything they said,” added Ms Wallace.

“The inspection team noted a number of strengths and we were very pleased they noted the strong and supportive relationships we have across the school,” she added.

“We are aware of the areas for development in the school and these will be a priority for the coming session.”