Volunteers help to tidy up path

An earlier glimpse of the path
An earlier glimpse of the path
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Volunteers are swinging into action to spruce up the path between Scoonie golf course and Blacketyside/Silverburn in Leven, which was highlighted recently in the Mail as a spot being ruined by litter. A reader who regularly walks along the path had complained about people leaving behind bottles, cans, cigarette ends and broken glass after drinking on the pathway, and ruining what should be a very pleasant local walk. However, FEAT, the group with long-term management responsibility for Silverburn, and Fife Council, which owns the ground, have teamed up to clean up.

“We had a group of volunteers tackle the redwood trail and clear that up, and we are also planning a community clear-up day, probably October, in partnership with the council,” said Duncan Mitchell, of FEAT. “The council has also ordered a pothole filler for the car park area and, again, our staff and volunteers will get involved in tackling that.”