Wolverhampton wanderer muses on coastal path

THE scenic routes along the Fife Coastal Path have become something of a pilgrimage for a resident of Wolverhampton.

Robbie Kennedy Bennett (53), whose father was born and brought up in Fife, has stayed in England all of his life.

But, following his dad's death 22 years ago, he has chosen to regularly walk the route to get to know the county.

And in doing so he has developed a real love for the area – including our championship winning football team East Fife FC about which he has written a poem... but his one is dedicated to the 1938 cup winning side.

After completing his latest jaunt along the route, former amateur footballer Robbie told the Mail his story.

He said: "I'm walking for the exercise and adventure in the land of my ancestry on my dad's side.

"I was stationed at a set of red traffic lights in Wolverhampton early last year yearning for the days when I was able to compete.

"Then I remembered reading about the Fife Coastal Path.

"Up until recent years I had been very active in sport, playing football and running marathons, but age and dodgy knees took its toll.

"A big regret of mine is not playing or running in the Kingdom of Fife when I was young enough and able to.

"So from then on I made plans to walk.

"One thing that always impresses me when I am walking in Fife is how friendly the folk are when we are passing.

"East Fife FC were very friendly towards me when I dropped in to visit while walking and my poem and story, Fifers Day 1938 made their and other supporters' websites.

Robbie, who stays in Codsall just outside Wolverhampton centre, records all his memories from his walks in poems and has been writing since the early 1990s.

And his poem on the 1938 Fife cup winning side can be read on the website, Footballpoets.org. In it he sums up the closing moments of one of East Fife's most memorable days, against Kilmarnock in the Scottish Cup final.

When McKerrell scored

goal number four,

He sent many a Killie

to the exit door.

"This game now became

well beyond doubt,

The gold and black colours

once again came out.

"East Fife 4,

Kilmarnock 2.

"The trophy that year went to Bayview.