Working to resolve the infamous ‘ming’

Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works
Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works

KEY stakeholders have met with Scottish Water and Caledonian Environmental Levenmouth Treatment Services (CELTS) to be updated on progress at the area’s waste water treatment works.

The meeting follows a spell of continued pressure from local politicians and residents on Scottish Water to find a permament solution to the occasional odour which the work produces.

Area MP Lindsay Roy, who has often called on Scottish Water to do more to stop the stench, nicknamed the Methil Ming, said he was happy at the “positive actions” being taken to find a solution.

However, Mr Roy added: “The problems remain and understandably local people are frustrated and angry at the apparent lack of progress.

“Scottish Water has promised to provide detailed results of its ongoing work by the end of September.

“In the meantime, I welcome plans to have someone permanently in the area to respond promptly to complaints and to do a survey.

“The possible involvement of experts from the University of Edinburgh is also welcome.”

A community group calling itself FLAG has also been working to ensure Scottish Water continues to try to source the cause of the stench.

Mr Roy added he’d continue to work with FLAG to keep the pressure on the water body.

The stakeholder group, which includes MSP David Torrance, has continued to meet on a regular basis as Scottish Water and CELTS keep the community updated on progress at the works.

Mr Torrance told the Mail: “I welcome the positive action which is now being taken by Scottish Water to resolve this ongoing problem.

“I also want to praise its quick responses to the public.

“It is now being very pro-active following the involvement of politicians and community groups.”