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John Murray
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This week KT Tunstall returned with a new albumcalled Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon (Virgin), and I guess we all wondered where she had gone.

There was a time when she was everywhere, touring, festivals, ‘Black Horse & The Cherry Tree’, ‘Suddenly I See’, Ivor Novello Awards, marrying a musician, moving across the world, etc. Some Fifers also remember her days with the Fence Collective, playing bars in St Andrews and when she called me asking to play the Elbow Room just ahead of her first album release and tour (the management turned her down – unthinkable now). Well a lot has happened surrounding this heartfelt album. Very reflective and telling of loss on ‘Made Of Glass,’ ‘How You Kill Me’ and the single ‘Feel It All’ and that is how it was for her as she lost her father and her marriage at this time. Recorded in Tucson, Arizona it becomes more Americana than we would expect with respected musicians and producer and on ‘No Better Shoulder’ some whispering harmonies. It’s only on the jam version of ‘Feel It All’ that the tempo rises and the feelings lighten again so maybe a period of transition for KT.

Black Sabbath have been around for far longer time and some metal fans will recall them playing the YM in Valley Gardens in August 1969 in a line up that included Tommy Iommi, Gezzer Butler and of course Ozzy. Belting out black metal the debut album followed in 1970, from the second LP the Paranoid single opened them to the masses and the rest as they say is history. Have they still got the thirst and how is Ozzy these days? Well the new album, 13 (Mercury), is the first in 35 years to feature those three and it does deliver. Just released and 43 years after their last chart stormer, they are No. 1 again.