Kirkcaldy Amateur Operatic Society’s “Singin’ In The Rain” slideshow

MEMBERS of Kirkcaldy Amateur Operatic Society (KAOS) are entertaining audiences at Adam Smith Theatre this week with their latest production, ‘Singin’ In The Rain’.

The pair are adored by the public, but Don barely tolerates Lina as his leading lady, convinced they are in love despite Don’s protestations otherwise.

Singin' in the Rain at Kirkcaldy's Adam Smith Theatre

Singin' in the Rain at Kirkcaldy's Adam Smith Theatre

Don chances upon a young aspiring actress - Kathy Selden (Wendy Tulloch) - and after a sticky start, love blossoms between them.

Meanwhile talking pictures have arrived in Hollywood and Lina’s excrutiating pronunciation and delivery of the spoken word proves a problem.

The idea is mooted Lina’s voice is dubbed by Kathy in their first ‘talkie’.

All is well until Lina is determined to speak to the adoring fans after the premiere of the movie.

With stunning sets and costumes; some wonderful performances, and hits including ‘Good Morning’, ‘Make ‘em Laugh’ and of course the legendary ‘Singin’ In the Rain, this production will leave you with a smile on your face.

‘Singin’ in the Rain’ runs at Adam Smith Theatre every night until Saturday, and includes a Saturday matinee.