65% of people in Scotland don't read the Ts & Cs... and signed up to sing an Ed Sheeran song on one leg

A survey has revealed that 65% per cent of Scots blindly tick '˜yes' on terms and conditions without reading them in full.

Together Mutual Insurance ran a set of fake T&Cs while conducting an online survey and the majority of respondents ticked “yes” to the following terms, which include hopping on one leg and learning every word to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out Loud’:

“I agree to the terms and conditions of this survey and by ticking the ‘yes’ box below, I am confirming that I am completely happy to eat my hat, hop on one leg throughout April and to studiously learn every word to Ed Sheeran’s smash hit “Thinking out Loud” in the next week. Only by ticking ‘no’ to this obviously fake set of Terms & Conditions am I clarifying that I have in fact read them.”

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Men are more gullible than women, with nearly three quarters (72%) clicking the T&Cs box without reading them properly, compared to just over two thirds of women (69%).

However, the myth of older people being wiser is not debunked, as the age-group most likely to disagree with the terms and conditions are those aged 55+ (35%) compared to the potentially frazzled generation of older millennials, with a whopping eight in ten 25-35 year-olds mindlessly ticking ‘yes’ to the fake terms.

Jon Craven, CEO of Together Mutual Insurance said: “While we’ve had some fun with a cheeky test that highlights that Scots don’t read their T&Cs, the results enforce a very serious message.

“Many terms and conditions are long and over complicated and we’ve become accustomed to skipping them to save time for an easy life, however, we’d also call on people to be more diligent.

“Make sure you are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s by reading all T&Cs you come across in daily life. Whether you choose to learn Ed Sheeran lyrics on the side is up to you.”

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