Scots dish the dirt on their most annoying neighbours

Scots are sick of their neighbours' bad behaviour, as new data reveals some of the country's most explosive neighbourhood run-ins.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 11th December 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:50 pm
Parking problems were a particular issue between neighbours
Parking problems were a particular issue between neighbours

A survey by international removals company Removal Services Scotland has revealed what gets Scots’ blood boiling when it comes to their neighbours.

Residents across Scotland were asked to share the most annoying things their neighbours have ever done - and the results are in.

Antisocial antics

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Neighbours who make a racket during unsociable hours are rattling Scottish residents, with survey respondents declaring some household activities unsuitable after lights out.

DIY, banging on the walls and drilling into the early hours all made the list of excessive noise complaints.

Some disgruntled respondents said their neighbours were infamous for leaving the outside lights on all night and having heated, noisy arguments which lasted until the small hours.

Scots also chastised their neighbours for failing to properly care for their pets - with barking dogs keeping some Scottish respondents awake during the night.

Word on the street

Parking was a problem that irritated the masses, as some participants said they’ve clashed with neighbours over parking rights - and one participant said their neighbour regularly parks on their land, leaving them to park in the main road.

Many Scots admitted to being riled by neighbours who go beyond their boundaries, especially those who allow their gardens to become overgrown, drop litter in other people’s gardens or borrow items without returning them.

One respondent even expressed her fury at finding her neighbour arguing with her son, while other participants said they’d come to loggerheads over needlessly opposed building plans.

With Scots up in arms about their neighbours, it looks like many of us won’t be popping next door to borrow a cup of sugar any time soon.

Graham Byers, Manager at Removal Services Scotland, said: “With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve moved a number of clients who have had run-ins with their neighbours. Some of the results from the survey are real eye-openers. It makes you wonder what your neighbours might be saying about you behind closed doors!”