Style for success: Scots reveal what makes them tick on dating apps

A cheeky study of Scotland dating app style has put popular trends to the public vote to reveal what really gets those fingers swiping right.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 4:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:03 am

· It’s a MYTH women like a man in uniform, with fewer than one in ten Scotts saying it’s their favourite type of style on a man (9%)

· Scottish Lads think they will get the most matches wearing blue (35%) or black (29%) and not at all in yellow, with the colour being the least popular with men (0.56%)

· One in three Scottish guys say that they find a potential partner most attractive in casual attire

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Research by leading menswear retailer Reem Clothing asked Scottish men and women what looks they preferred for themselves and each other discovering:

· Fewer than one in ten Scottish women say that a man in uniform is their favourite type of style on a man (9%)

· A staggering 38% of women preferred a man dressed down in jeans and a T-shirt, citing that they were more attracted to a man in a casual style of clothing than any other

· One in five (19%) opt for a simple polo shirt as their garment of choice (18.74%) and quite rightly, as 38% of women admitting they are most attracted to a casual style of clothing

Colour choices play an important part in picking their outfit, with Scottish lads admitting that they feel most confident wearing blue (35%) or black (29%) and not at all in brights like yellows, with the colour ranking the least popular with men at less than 1%.

When it comes to how Scottish men wear their clothes, 54% admit that they feel most confident when in a slim or straight fit. Which is lucky, as it seems women agree, preferring a slim fit on a man, with 40% saying it was their favourite look.

When the question was of the Scottish men, 33% of them surprisingly said that they also preferred women who had a more relaxed look, finding the more casual outfit the most attractive – however not too casual with, nearly 30% saying joggers or hoodies are off putting when worn by the opposite sex.

Cheekily, an additional 12% still opted for a woman in uniform... but for the ladies, a LBD still makes them feel most attractive, with one in three women admitting they feel sexiest in black – overwhelmingly their colour of choice (30%).

As long as the dress isn’t too tight - with only 3% saying they want a fit that shows off all their curves – it is their go to for a little extra pulling power.