Tooth Fairies pay Scottish children an average of £1.60 per tooth

Tooth Fairies pay Scottish kids an average of £1.60 per tooth - one of the highest amounts in the UK.

Wednesday, 9th August 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:06 am
Pic: Shutterstock
Pic: Shutterstock

However, the value of gnashers in Scotland has actually dropped 12p from 2016, and 18p from the 2015 figure, according to new research.

Researchers polled around 1000 of Britain’s ‘tooth fairies’ to find out how much they leave under children’s pillows in return for a tooth or two and found a UK average of £1.49 per tooth - a five per cent increase on 2016.

Children in London get the most for their pearly whites - typically receiving £1.88 on average in exchange for one of their ivories.

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While those living in the South West will find the lowest amount under their pillows - £1.18 on average for each tooth left.

Only kids in London and Northern Ireland (£1.70) get more for their baby teeth than those in Scotland.

Forty-two per cent of respondents leave kids £1 in return for a single tooth and 15 per cent receive £2, while around one in ten get 50p.

Almost three quarters of UK homes get regular visits from the tooth fairy - a six per cent increase on 2015.

Dad tooth fairies are the most generous - giving £1.69 on average in comparison to £1.38 from mum tooth fairies.

The study also found only-children receive more than those who have siblings - £1.61 compared to £1.49 in two-child households and £1.30 in three-child homes.

While household income also makes a different to the amount left behind by tooth fairies.

Kids get £1.24 per tooth, on average, in households who earn less than £20,000, while children living in homes that bring in £60,000 or more, typically get £1.76.

Average left by tooth fairy per tooth in Scotland:

2015: £1.78

2016: £1.72

2017: £1.60