Appeal to Stagecoach to restore direct Victoria Hospital service

A community councillor has urged Stagecoach to restore its direct bus service between north Glenrothes and Victoria Hospital.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 3:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 3:52 pm
Stagecoach bus

Denise Wallace, a member of North Glenrothes Community Council, raised concerns that having a direct link between the area and the hospital is “vital”.

The bus operator’s X37 service used to pass the Victoria Hospital, however, it now travels to Fife Central Retail Park instead.

Ms Wallace said: “There is a lot of people in north Glenrothes, especially in Collydean, who don’t have a car and rely on buses.

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“You either have to go to Glenrothes bus station and get another bus, or go to Kirkcaldy bus station and then change onto a bus to the Vic. It’s not good enough.

“The ideal solution would be that Stagecoach would reinstate the service we used to have, which came to Collydean, down through Balfarg and Cadham, to the bus station and Woodside, and then to the Vic.”

Denise, who can not drive and relies on lifts from others to get to hospital appointments, added: “I don’t want to be sat on different buses when I need to get to hospital.”

Stagecoach said that while there was no direct service from north Glenrothes to Victoria Hospital, there are numerous connections available.

Douglas Robertson, commercial director, Stagecoach East Scotland, said: “It is a number of years since there was a direct service from north Glenrothes to Victoria Hospital as the number of people making such journeys was low.

“However, by connecting with services at Glenrothes bus station, where there are four journeys per hour to the hospital, there are a multitude of journey options to reach Victoria Hospital.

“Similarly, north Glenrothes residents could travel to Kirkcaldy bus station then connect to around ten journeys per hour up to the hospital site.

“Connections are easy and our range of dayrider or megarider tickets valid in the central Fife area offer unlimited travel.”