Countdown to ballot closing on CuparNow project

Businesses across the town are voting on CuparNow.
Businesses across the town are voting on CuparNow.

CuparNow – Scotland’s first ‘digital improvement district’ – is on the final countdown to the closing ballot that will decide the project’s future.

All businesses and organisations in the town who have yet to vote are invited to a final open meeting on Tuesday to learn more about the project.

All non-domestic rate paying businesses and organisations have received ballot papers inviting them to vote. The unique project seeks their backing together with a commitment to pay an annual levy on their rates that will fund the running of CuparNow for a five-year term – delivering more of what has been demonstrated in the last 15 months.

In the project’s demonstration phase, CuparNow has built an audience across digital channels that exceeds 10,000. Daily engagement, sharing of bespoke content and interaction with multiple audiences has ensured a reach of more than one million people. In the last 12 months, videos featuring the town’s businesses, events and community projects have clocked more than 250,000 views on Facebook alone.

Championed by ABCD, the town’s business association, CuparNow is supporting businesses and organisations every day on digital channels with key objectives of encouraging new strategic collaborations, increasing digital participation in the town as well as improving the digital skills of those engaged – all with an ambition to showcase how digital can be best deployed to support towns across the country.

The open meeting will include a Q&A enabling anyone who has yet to vote to ask any questions.

Alison Strachan, chair of ABCD, said: “This will be our final open meeting. If anyone is unable to make it, they can get in touch and we will happily meet with them. The ballot closes on December 12, so we want to ensure we give everyone the opportunity to fully understand just how important this initiative is for them, their business, our community and the future of our town.”

If the project does not receive enough support, it will stop.