Fife firm making a duvet that could end night-time rows

It’s a problem a old as time itself. One partner’s too hot, the other’s too cold.

But a Glenrothes-based firm is now looking to end night-time arguments with a duvet which keeps one side warmer and the other cooler.

As the temperatures hit record levels across Europe, Dusal says it is helping to keep couples cool in the heatwave whilst helping to reduce C02, landfill and water use in the manufacturing.

The Southfield firm produces luxury bedding which is designed to keep your body at the perfect temperature for you and has created a range of partner duvets which offer couples sharing a bed individual tog ratings - there are two separate tog ratings (the scale for how warm the duvet will keep you) in one duvet.

Dusal used to sell only to hotels, but is now offering its products to the public.

Ian Hartley of Out of Eden, owners of Dùsal said: “Many of our customers received requests from their guests about where they could buy our duvets, bed toppers and pillows after they had such a good night’s sleep.

“To help everyone in this extreme hot weather, providing duvets which ensure each person can have a warmer or cooler side we are also including two free Drift pillows to help people get though these hot summer nights.”

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