Fife MSP calls for public control on railways after fares increase

A Fife MSP has called for railways to be brought under public control, after another rise in rail fares.

MSP Alex Rowley wants the Scottish Government to bring ScotRail into public ownership and invest the profits in better services and affordable fares.

His appeal came after it was announced that ScotRail customers would face a 3.2 per cent fare rise in January.

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Your ScotRail ticket prices are about to rise
Cllr Alex RowleyCllr Alex Rowley
Cllr Alex Rowley

The price of off-peak tickets will go up 2.2 per cent.

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He said: “We have spent the last year fighting for better services in Fife and an end to the station skipping which has left so many standing at the station as their train fails to stop.

“Passengers report regularly of overcrowded trains and often unpleasant journeys and yet, they will have to pay more for the pleasure.”

He added: “At a time when most people’s wages are below 2010 levels and are barely keeping up with inflation, ramping up the cost of getting to work will place greater strains on budgets.

“To add insult to injury they are being charged even more for services that have been plagued by delays, overcrowding and station skipping.

“It is incredible that the Scottish Government are trying to get more people out of cars and onto public transport but do nothing to stop people being priced off public transport.”