Fife recycling centres remove restrictions

As the need for social distancing is not so acute, the booking system for the council's household waste recycling centres was removed for cars at 10 of the council’s 11 recycling centres from October 1.
Recycling in Fife is getting easierRecycling in Fife is getting easier
Recycling in Fife is getting easier

Fife Council’s Environment & Protective Services Sub- committee reviewed access arrangements earlier this month.

The exception is Ladybank, where the recommendation is to maintain the booking system for all vehicles. The most recent risk assessment revealed a potential for danger if access is shared with the landfill site without the traffic management measures provided by the booking system.

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Councillor Ross Vettraino, said: “A booking system remains for vehicles other than cars. Vans and trailers can take a long time to unload and giving them open access could impede the smooth flow of traffic through the centres, and result in traffic queuing on roads.

“The operation of the vehicles, which haul the waste from the centres to the landfill disposal sites, is currently seriously affected by the national shortage of HGV drivers. It is important to ensure the smooth flow of waste, so that the waste containers don’t become full before a haulage vehicle is available to replace with an empty one, which could mean the centre closing.

“Retaining the booking system for vans and trailers ensures the smooth flow of both vehicles and waste. A booking will still have to be made for cars at Ladybank Recycling Centre (Lower Melville Wood), as the most recent risk assessment revealed the need to ensure continued traffic management, as access is shared with the landfill site.

“Work looking at creating safe access for cyclists and pedestrians at those sites, where it would be possible to do so, is moving ahead as quickly as possible.”

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The booking system will remain in place for all vehicles, designated as commercial vehicles so that site operations can be carried out safely and to ensure environmental compliance. Maintaining the booking system for commercial vehicles will help prevent waste being disposed of illegally as well as reduce aggression against staff.

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