Fife scaffolding business is scaling the heights

From left: Ross Brown and David Campbell who own I-scaff Access Solutions.
From left: Ross Brown and David Campbell who own I-scaff Access Solutions.

‘When one door closes, another opens’, goes the saying and that is certainly true for the men behind one Glenrothes-based firm.

Ross Brown and David Campbell founded I-scaff Access Solutions during the slump in the oil and gas industry.

And their scaffolding business is now on the up.

Fifer Ross and business partner David set it up just three years ago after the pair left their jobs following the oil and gas price crash.

Ross had been a sub-contractor scaffolding superintendent for Shell.

He looked after four oil refineries and a shore terminal.

A contract in Iraq saw a bulletproof vest as part of his working clothes wardrobe and armed guards a daily fact.

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Despite that security he enjoyed South Basra but the slump hit the sub-contracting work and he had to head home.

David, meanwhile, had been made redundant from his North Sea offshore job and the two reckoned there was a gap in the market for a more quality health and safety driven scaffolding company.

Ross said: “We picked a different brand of scaffolding from the norm and went with Layher, and the product support we received was well worth the risk.

“The company is doing really well.”

“While we are based in Fife we pick up work in Glasgow and Edinburgh too.

“We tend to specialise in industrial scaffolding so we’ve had contracts for breweries and Scottish Power. “

But their connections with the oil and gas industry have also been renewed.

“On the back of a Philippines job we have also started to branch into offshore work,” explained Ross. “We were hired for 12 rigs in Saudi Arabia and another 14 in Abu Dhabi for two major oil companies. It’s been a whirlwind couple of years but it’s been fantastic.”