Friends open new Methil sandwich shop

Stacey and Elaine.
Stacey and Elaine.

Two friends have made their dreams a reality by opening up a new sandwich shop.

Well Stuffed, at 205 Wellesley Road, opened two weeks ago, offering a range of sandwich options and healthy lunches.

Elaine Marshall and Stacey Kirk only advertised their new business on Facebook, yet, two weeks in, the pair are already busy seven days a week.

“Facebook has brought in a lot of customers,” said Elaine. “They’ve seen the pictures and then want to come in and see what you’ve got. It’s been busy. It’s been mayhem since the moment we opened.

“The day goes so quick because you’re so busy and you’re constantly doing something. We prepared ourselves for thinking it was going to be really quiet – but it’s been the opposite.

“We’ve been running out of stock, having to go get more or get more deliveries in.”

“Everyone was like ‘mind, you’re new, it’ll be slow’,” added Stacey. “No, it hasn’t.”

Stacey previously worked in another sandwich shop in the same building, while Elaine used to run a burger van in Leven.

Both had dreams of running a sandwich shop, and, when the opportunity arose, the friends decided to work together.

“I worked here but then I had to go get a full time job,” said Stacey. “I’ve always worked with food and I always wanted a sandwich shop.

“The opportunity came up. We were joking to start with, then it just happened.”

Elaine added: “I’ve wanted to do it for years, but we’ve had the kids and never found the right location. This came up and we spoke about it and we wanted to work together. You can’t do it on your own. I’d been staying at home but I wanted to get out and doing something again.”

Elaine and Stacey thanked the community for its support, saying word of mouth had helped during the first couple of weeks, and their partners for their support helping get the shop up and running.

For more information about Well Stuffed, including opening hours, visit