Leven pub forced to close after noise complaints

A Leven bar has closed after it had its licence amended, restricting the number of hours it could play music.

Marviks could no longer play music after 11pm, after the council received 54 noise complaints in a six month period.

In a statement on Facebook, it stated that this had “dealt a massive blow to the pub”.

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Both its entertainers had already been cancelled, and staffing levels had been reduced.

The statement continued: “The pub cannot continue to struggle, so with a heavy heart, we have decided to close the doors and call it to an end.”

The bar has spent thousands of pounds on trying to improve the situation, installing treble glazing on its windows, a sound curtain and protective sound foam underneath the booth area.

“I’d just like to thank all the staff for their hard word, dedication and support over the past couple months, and through the time we’ve been open,” said manager Ewan Brown.

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“You were and still are a great hardworking team. A big thank you to all the customers for coming in and especially recently for the support they’ve shown us.

“To the Leven locals and all the residents of Kirkside Court, who supported us unwaveringly, your support has been the greatest.

“Thank you to our local councillors, especially Colin Davidson and Ryan Smart, for attending the bar unknownst to us and proving the noise was more than acceptable to your written support for us. You have been fantastic and fully fulfilled your roles as elected representatives fighting to protect local business and employment in the town.

“I just hope that the team can find work somewhere. There are quite a few of us and now unfortunately another derelict building in Leven when we’re fighting to regenerate the town.”

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Councillor Colin Davidson, who had supported the bar, said he was “deeply saddened by the news”.

He added: “This closure is going to further damage Leven’s reputation as a place to invest in and do business. More jobs have been lost and the economy negatively impacted.

“This venue has been a licensed premises for over 100 years and will be a loss to the community if it’s going to be difficult to operate the site as a licensed premise.”

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