Leven residents appeal for road to be made safer

MP Stephen Gethins, Cllr Suttie with Dianne and Gillian.MP Stephen Gethins, Cllr Suttie with Dianne and Gillian.
MP Stephen Gethins, Cllr Suttie with Dianne and Gillian.
Residents of a new Leven housing estate are calling for traffic calming measures to make a road safer for children.

Since December, families have been moving into the new Law View estate on the edge of Leven.

However, residents are now facing a battle with speeding traffic on Cupar Road and are calling for a controlled pedestrian crossing.

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Dianne Mallin said she feared for the safety of her sons, who walk to St Agatha’s Primary School and also like to play at Letham Glen.

She said: “Since moving here we have realised that the speed of traffic is just far too fast. There are no signs warning motorists to slow down and we have seen some crazy driving including a car overtaking me and the vehicle behind as I attempted to turn across the carriageway into Law View. I’m worried that as this estate fills up there will be a serious accident.”

Her neighbour Gillian Carstairs said a proper pedestrian crossing would improve safety.

She said: “There is no recognition that there is now a whole new housing estate on the other side of the road and more needs to be done to make sure people are safe.”

The residents have the backing of local politicians.

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Stephen Gethins MP has written to Fife Council to highlight the situation and was pleased that the local authority will now consider a crossing in a future budget. However, he said more needs to be done to ensure speed is cut and residents have somewhere safe to cross.

He said: “This issue may only affect a few people just now but as the estate fills up there will be more car movements and this must be recognised with appropriate safety measures.”

Councillor Alistair Suttie added: “It is important that children are encouraged to walk to school but they must do so safely and we need to look at how we can achieve a solution for Law View as soon as possible.”

Phil Clarke, lead consultant for traffic management, said: “The speed limit on this section of road has been reduced to 30 mph. The budget for this financial year is fully committed but road safety measures for this area will be added to the list of schemes being assessed for future years’ works programmes.”