More consultation needed on parking at Burntisland railway station

The land in questionThe land in question
The land in question
More work needs to be carried out to assess the demand for additional car parking at Burntisland railway station.

That was the outcome of a meeting into a feasibility study into the possibility of providing up to 100 extra parking spaces in the area.

The issue has proved contentious, with many residents saying it is needed all year round, while others, including artists at the Platform Studios, created through a project involving Network Rail and Fife Historic Buildings Trust, say that the area is a wildlife haven and more parking is only required during the summer months.

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Heated debate has been ongoing on social media for several weeks since one of the town’s councillors asked for residents’ views.

It resulted in Burntisland Community Council chairman, Alex MacDonald calling for a compromise, including parking and areas for wildlife.

The meeting was held in Burntisland last week, attended by council officers and elected members.

John Mitchell, service manager (sustainable transport & parking) said: “The work, which is very much outline, was requested by local councillors and funded by ward budget to look at costs for potentially implementing parking.

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“We agreed that we need to further assess the level of demand for car parking at the station and look at the different ways people travel to the station and around the rest of the town.

Councillors asked officials to investigate opportunities to obtain funding to carry out this work.”