MP has called on the government to provide funding for St Andrews harbour repairs

Wendy Chamberlain MP for North East Fife called on the Government to ensure there is funding for community owned assets, such as St Andrews Harbour, when faced with unexpected disasters.
Fife Harbour gates are removed for repairs.Fife Harbour gates are removed for repairs.
Fife Harbour gates are removed for repairs.

Last week, Chamberlain called on the Government to ensure funding is in place for assets that are owned locally by the community.

She highlighted that St Andrews Harbour are facing a large repair bill following severe damage during Storm Babet.

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As a result of the storm, the harbour lost its northwest slipway, suffered damage to the east gate and the cliff face that supports the path to the harbour is significantly damaged, without further protection, it risks further erosion. The cost for long-term repair work is estimated at over £3 million.

St Andrews Harbour is run by a trust which dates back to James VI of Scotland’s granting of the land to the people of the town. As a result of the Community Ownership Fund, and various other funds, more and more assets can be owned and run locally. However, when faced with extreme disruption, such as destructive weather, local groups need more support to tackle repairs.

Chamberlain commented: “Having community owned assets is a good thing and means that those most knowledgeable about that asset are able to run it. However, when unexpected damage is inflicted, the funds to repair them are simply not there.

“St Andrews Harbour is a working harbour which provides a gateway between North East Fife and the North Sea. It is also home to a small inshore fishing fleet and provides a mooring spot for private boats and yachts.

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“As a result, it is vital that the harbour is repaired so that it can return to operating at full capacity. I called on the Government to ensure funding is in place for community groups to be able to repair damages more easily and hope that this will be taken forward.”