New Kirkcaldy cafe brings family full circle!

Michael in his new cafeMichael in his new cafe
Michael in his new cafe
Things have come full circle for Michael Caira who has just opened a new business in Kirkcaldy's Links Street.

For the Arty 101 Cafe is just doors away from where his grandfather, who he was named after, used to run his chip shop and where his uncle Phil ran a newsagents until around six years ago.

And Michael (66) hopes that having the Cairas back in Linktown will help to give business a boost and bring more employment into the area.

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“I am self employed and have my finger in various pies, including art.

“I went back to college later in life and specialised in a style I call meccano industrial art which is screen printed and along the lines of the work of Italian artist Eduardo Paulozzi.

“My family has always been involved in the food industry and I worked with my parents in the chip shop when they had it in Templehall when I was still at school. I wanted a commercial outlet for my art and I also think my art will help bring people into the cafe.

“It is a proper cafe, selling hot and cold rolls, soup, coffee and cakes from Fisher and Donaldson, and I am hoping to expand it as I go along, doing lunches and maybe even dinners at a later date. I am also looking to do outside catering, so there are lots of plans in the pipeline.”

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Michael, or Michele to give him his proper Italian name, is being helped in his venture by his daughter Roza.

His mum and dad also ran the 101 chip shop in Bennochy Road for around ten years before selling it on, and that is where the cafe takes the 101 part of its name from.

“101 is a name that has been connected with a lot of reputable restaurants and eateries over the years in places around the country, so I am hoping to continue the tradition,” explained Michael.

The cafe is decorated in a traditional style with black and white decor and a selection of his artwork on show on the walls.

“It’s good to be back in the Links and I’m looking forward to welcoming lots of old and new faces back into the cafe,” said Michael.

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