New Methil yard owners to host careers day

Harland & Wolff, the new owner of the former BiFab yard in Methil, is to host its first Scottish careers open day.
The former BiFab yard in MethilThe former BiFab yard in Methil
The former BiFab yard in Methil

Held via Zoom on Wednesday, March 31, at 4pm, the careers open day aims to set a solid workforce foundation at Harland & Wolff (Methil) in preparation for its highly anticipated new contracts.

Prospective employees will be able to register by clicking HERE.

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In February, the company acquired the assets of the former BiFab yards in Methil and Arnish. Now known as Harland & Wolff (Methil) and Harland & Wolff (Arnish), these facilities will focus on fabrication work within the renewable, oil and gas and defence sectors.

Methil, the larger of the two sites, will focus on fabrication for the oil and gas, commercial and renewables markets, according to the new owners, while Arnish will look at all Harland & Wolff’s five markets: defence, oil and gas, renewables, commercial and cruise and ferry.

Group director of human resources, Kelly O’Rourke said: “we are very excited to be bringing Harland & Wolff to Scotland and are keen to hear from prospective employees as we look to build on our existing workforce across a range of trades and other roles.

“Joining our two already established sites in Belfast and Appledore, Harland & Wolff (Methil) and Harland & Wolff (Arnish) will work across a range of sectors, with a particular focus on renewables. As with all our sites, a skilled local workforce is crucial to our success and we want to hear from those in the local areas and across Scotland with the key skills we need.”

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