New St Andrews gift card launched

The cards will be valid for 12 months.
The cards will be valid for 12 months.

A new St Andrews gift card has been launched in a bid to encourage more shoppers to spend money in the town.

The gift card, which has been launched by BID St Andrews, can be used in more than 50 shops around the town, with the organisation waiting to hear back from around 20 more.

It is hoped the card will get people to try new stores in St Andrews, while also helping the local economy.

“The idea is bring more people to St Andrews, get them to try new shops and restaurants in the town,” said BID manager Jane Kennedy.

The gift card has support from various shops in the town, both local, independent stores and national chains.

St Andrews Wine Company was the first business to sign up to the card, while chains like Ryman have also backed the card.

“The cards have a 12-month expiry date, all the money has to be spent in the town,” said Jane.

“If, after 12 months, some money is still left on the card, it will go back into BID projects like Clean and Green or the St Andrew’s Day celebrations.

“The businesses hope that the money is spent in their shops, but this will also help us with funding for our projects.”

And Jane explained that the St Andrews gift card could be the perfect present for Christmas.

“It’s difficult to know what to get people when they seem to have everything,” said Jane.

“It’s a nice thing to buy, because St Andrews has great shops and restaurants. There is a lot to do in St Andrews. There will be a lot places in the town people can experience.”

For more information about the St Andrews gift card, or to purchase one, visit the website,