Report calls for Freuchie road improvements

An independent report into the dangers faced by pedestrians in Freuchie has called for major issues to be tackled.
One of the recommendations is better enforcement of the 20mph speed limit.One of the recommendations is better enforcement of the 20mph speed limit.
One of the recommendations is better enforcement of the 20mph speed limit.

The charity Living Streets conducted a report, taking part in several walks through the village with locals, giving them the chance to share their concerns.

It raises two main issues regarding the A92, and recommends that a pedestrian crossing is installed at the Cross Keys junction and a roundabout is installed at the Kettlebridge junction.

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It also calls for a better enforcement of the 20mph speed limit through the village.

Patrick Laughlin, secretary of Freuchie Community Council, said: “The findings of this study endorse what the local community has been saying for years – that traffic volumes in our village have reached such a level that lives are being put a risk, especially alongside the A92.

“Faced with this new raft of evidence, the roads authorities simply must act promptly to make our community a safer place for pedestrians.

“Surely it is not too much to ask that people can go about their daily lives on foot and in safety?”

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A Transport Scotland spokesman said that it had sought input from Living Streets to facilitate engagement with the community council and that it had met a number of times with the community council over the last year to hear its concerns about the A92 trunk road.

It added: “We have installed bus boarders at the bus stops, upgraded the gateway signing and we are currently looking at options working with a landowner to improve visibility at the A92 Cross Keys Junction. Next steps will be dependent on the discussions with the community and outcome of the study.”

Transport Scotland also said it is working on a study to look at potential options to improve road safety at Freuchie and would be meeting with Fife Council.

Fife Council said it will continue to work with Transport Scotland and local communities to deliver local measures raised within the Fife A92 Action Plan.