Talks fail to resolve college lecturers strike

Fife College Lecturers on strikeFife College Lecturers on strike
Fife College Lecturers on strike
Talks between striking lecturers and colleges across Scotland have failed to resolve pay deal issues, raising fears that students will next week be hit with a further three days of industrial action.

Further meetings between teaching union EIS, and Colleges Scotland today.

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said: “Negotiations continued into the early hours last night but as yet there is no breakthrough.

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Discussions have focussed on potential national terms and conditions but the EIS has continuously reminded Management that in our view the deal on pay is not dependant on, and never has been dependant on, an agreement on conditions. “This dispute was sparked by the failure of Colleges Scotland to “honour the deal” hammered out on pay last year and we have offered on more than one occasion, to suspend strike action if they agreed to implement the pay agreement. To date they have refused to do this.

“Whilst EIS FELA is keen to secure an agreement on conditions, and is prepared to continue discussions on this issue, the equal pay for equal work agreement needs to be implemented. That is the message we will be taking back into discussions today.”

“Support for the strike action has been solid and impressive, reflecting the determination of lecturers to make management “honour the deal”; College management need to recognise that and respond accordingly.”

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