Ambitious project set to celebrate 120 Kirkcaldy heroes

A unique collaboration between a group of amateur photographers and high school pupils from Kirkcaldy is set to celebrate the people of the Lang Toun.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 11:13 am
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 11:18 am
Ambitious photograhic project set to celebrated the great and the good of Kirkcaldy. (pic George McLuskie).

Entitled 120 Faces, it’s the ambitious idea of Kirkcaldy Photographic Society (KPS) members who, with the help of pupils from Viewforth High School, want to to capture portraits of 120 people from all walks of life who have made a positive contribution to the town.

And from the famous to the community spirited, Kirkcaldy folk past and present will be in the frame.

“It’s an exciting year for KPS and comes off the back of our recent success with the major four-month exhibition of the Lang Toun past and present, hosted by Kirkcaldy Galleries,” said Cathy Davis, KPS secretary.

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Kirkcaldy Photographic Society has teamed up with staff and pupils from Viewforth High School. (Pic George McLuskie).

“Now we are working through lists of people who we want to feature in 120 Faces.

“There are some amazing people in Kirkcaldy – famous sportsmen and women, politicians and also the man and woman in the street who have gone that extra mile to do good for their town.”

Commenting on the project, Roy Balfour, Kirkcaldy Photographic Society president, said they were excited about working with the school to make the exhibition a reality as part of the society’s 120th anniversary celebrations.

He added: “We aim to photograph 120 Kirkcaldy residents past or present, people who have made Kirkcaldy what it is today whether they are sports personalities, local charity workers or anyone who has made a difference to help people or put Kirkcaldy on the map.

The exhibition will feature 120 folk from the Lang Tourn past and present. (Pic George McLuskie).

“It’s an exciting project for the pupils and with the photographic help of KPS should be an excellent exhibition which pupils,staff and KPS can be proud of.”

With a new campus building at Viewforth ideal to be used as an exhibition space for the finished project, Alistair Stewart, depute rector, is delighted that the school’s involvement would prove hugely beneficial for pupils.

He said: “Work on the project has begun with pupils from the junior school researching key community figures and this will be taken forward by senior photography pupils who will work alongside members of the society to take the photographic portraits.

“In addition to this, the society has offered to run workshops with the senior pupils on the mounting and framing of the images, which is an excellent opportunity for further learning.

“It is our hope that the work will celebrate Kirkcaldy’s most valued community members, as well as continue to build a new generation of photographers.”

The 120 Faces project is expected to completed and ready for show by May.