Anger as council cuts dedicated headteacher role at Fife primary school

Parents in Auchtermuchty are appealing urgently to Fife Council to reconsider their removal of the dedicated head teacher from their local primary school.

Tuesday, 9th February 2021, 10:16 am
Fife Council has been urged to reverse its decision.

Whilst at present both Auchtermuchty Primary School and Strathmiglo Primary School have their own dedicated head teachers, this new move will merge the role with only one shared head teacher between the two schools.

Parents were informed of the council’s decision just days before the post was advertised, giving next to no time for engagement or consultation and no details around the educational rationale for the decision.

Chair of Auchtermuchty Primary School’s parent council, Supporters of Auchtermuchty School (SAS), Allison Morton said: “Strathmiglo and Auchtermuchty primary schools are different schools with very different challenges and a head teacher must be on site to address the particular situations of each school: a shared role will make this significantly more difficult. We feel the decision has been based on convenience and economics for the council, rather than the needs of our schools and children.

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“The school in Auchtermuchty is a critical part of our town’s community and at a time, when so many families are struggling, it provides a very real support for the community beyond the school gates too.”

MSP Willie Rennie added: “These two schools deserve two head teachers as they are two distinct communities with different needs and challenges. A joint head teacher for the two schools would be a significant challenge for any one person. The council should advertise for two separate head teachers again as that may be a more attractive proposition.”

Head of Education and Children's Services Angela Logue said: "Currently we have 28 headteachers working effectively across two schools or early learning centres. These joint leadership arrangements are supporting high levels of collaboration, leading to improvements in children's learning experiences. We have discussed with parent councils the decision to establish a shared leadership structure across Strathmiglo and Auchtermuchty primary schools. Parents will continue to be involved in the process as it moves forward.”