Banners ask motorists to slow down at Cupar school

Jenna, Edie, Keira, Ms Duncan, PC Claire Laing, PC Adam, Brogan, Mitchell and Maggie.
Jenna, Edie, Keira, Ms Duncan, PC Claire Laing, PC Adam, Brogan, Mitchell and Maggie.

‘Please slow down outside our school’ – that is the message from pupils at Castlehill PS to motorists.

The Cupar school has created two new banners, each with an important road safety message, which have been hung on the railings on the edge of the school.

One, facing the road, asks motorists to watch their speed when they pass the school, while the other, facing towards the path leading out of the school grounds, warns pupils to be careful when using the zebra crossing.

The school organised a competition to give pupils the chance to design the banners, which were then created by Newburgh Graphics.

Brogan (P4), Keira (P6) and Abigail (P1) won the competition, and their creations can now been seen at the school.

“We were offered the chance to do it by the community police,” explained teacher Eleanor Duncan.

“It was a partnership with them. It made sense for us to do it.

“Hopefully now the children, parents and the public will realise what we are doing.”

And her message to motorists: “Our focus is the safety of the children. We are a school. There are a lot of us. We come out at certain times of the day. Just be mindful that we want to be kept safe.”

The project was part of a wider initiative with community police officers in the area, with similar schemes being run in Falkland and Dunbog.

Cupar Community Officers regularly work with Junior Road Safety Officers in the school to promote Road Safety. Their message here is asking motorists to adhere to speed limits at all times and obey all road markings outside the school, in particular the zig-zag lines and the bus lanes.

The school operates a Park & Stride initiative in conjunction with Tesco where parents of pupils are encouraged to use the store’s car park to drop their children off, so they use the pedestrian crossing on St Michaels Drive.