EIS union to discuss issues at Levenmouth Academy

Union leaders have spoken with members from Levenmouth Academy to discuss on-going issues at the brand new facility.

Plans are in place for a meeting to take place next month, with input from other unions and Fife Council’s education service.

David Farmer, EIS publicity officer in Fife, said discussions had already taken place with members at the school, and he anticipated that Levenmouth Academy would be on the agenda at November’s meeting.

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He explained that the union is currently trying to clarify information which has been passed on so it can gather as much data as possible before going to the education service.

He added: “The school has only been open for seven weeks, and while not to minimise the problems that parents and staff are highlighting, that is not long enough to make a definitive judgement.

“It was a bold decision from Fife Council to build Levenmouth Academy and we want it to work because the community deserves for it to work.”

Just last month, concerned parents set up a new Facebook group following reports of violence and other disturbances at the school.

A spokesman for the group said it was determined to work with the school to solve the issues, and a meeting is due to take place with Ronnie Ross, headteacher, after the October break.