Fife high school marks start of Pride month with Rainbow non-uniform day

The school is marking the start of Pride month.The school is marking the start of Pride month.
The school is marking the start of Pride month.
Pupils and staff at Bell Baxter High School in Cupar are marking the start of Pridemonth with a day dedicated to celebrating equality and LGBT+ rights.

Today (Tuesday) the school’s Equalities Group are holding a Rainbow non-uniform day with pupils encouraged to wear bright colours in return for a small donation to the LGBT Youth Scotland charity, which has been supporting the school in its efforts to achieve a silver award this year.

Over the last year and during lockdown, the group has worked hard to promote LGBT+ awareness in the school by drafting a manifesto outlining its aims, reviewing the schools Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy as well as supporting faculties to embed more LGBT+ awareness in courses.

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Two new Pride flags, funded by the school Parent Council, will be flown proudly at the front of the school throughout Pride month and at different times throughout the year.

PT Guidance teacher Tara Clark, who also oversees Equality and Diversity, said. “We are really looking forward to celebrating all of the hard work of the Equalities Group over the last year to further promote the rights of LGBT+ pupils in our school and to break down barriers for them.”

Bell Baxter High School rector, Carol Ann Penrose, added: “I am extremely proud of the work we have carried out this year and look forward to the school going from strength to strength in building the kind of supportive, inclusive and welcoming culture that we aspire to and making this a great place to work and learn.”

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