Fife school race team have the speed to succeed

A team of pupils from Glenrothes have proved they are the '˜kings of the track' after the racing car they built was first to the chequered flag.

Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 4:06 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 8:50 pm
The Glenwood Knights race team achieved a number of significant results in their first race meet. (pic supplied).

The Glenwood Knights, a team of eight class mates from Glenwood High School, have spent the last six months designing and then constructing their kit car ahead of the prestigious Green Power Formula 24 race day.

The team took their race vehicle to East Fortune race track in East Lothian along with 11 other teams at the weekend and scored a number of stunning first race successes.

For the Glenrothes racers made it onto the winners podium on no less than five occasions taking first place in the Folio category and also top spot in the Newcomers category, which suggest the team have a car that can compete with Scotland’s best.

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And with the team measuring performance and making the necessary adjustments in the pits between races, their skill and determination secured second place overall – a huge achievement for the youngsters in their first ever track.

“The results have been outstanding and beyond even the school’s expectations, especially for the car’s first outing, “ said Margaret Johnson, from the school’s support services department.

“The team have paraded the trophies around the school and have posed for photographs with pupils wanting to take pictures, they’ve become celebrities .”

The format allows all teams the same motor and one pair of 12 volt batteries per race.

During the race at least three team members must drive the car for a minimum 15 minutes at a time.

Other than the motor and batteries being standard, the teams are free to design a car from their own imagination, incorporating their own aerodynamic designs and other features.

Spurred on by their initial success team now have their sights firmly set on the race day two in Aberdeen on June 18, where they are hoping to qualify for the prestigious Rockingham Races which take place later this year.