Kirkcaldy nursery worker struck off over “reckless behaviour” towards kids

Little Einsteins Nursery in Kirkcaldy.
Little Einsteins Nursery in Kirkcaldy.

A Kirkcaldy nursery worker has been struck off after losing her temper and showing “reckless behaviour towards young children”.

Paula McKinnon faced eight allegations against her while working at Little Einsteins nursery on Sang Road, seven of which were found to be proven at a hearing held by the Scottish Social Services Council.

The panel heard that she grabbed one two-year-old by the arm, shouted at another and grabbed the child by both arms.

On another occasion she was found to have picked up a child and place them into a high chair in a rough manner, and also grabbing a third child by the arm and shouted at them.

The panel found that Ms McKinnon had “shown no remorse” and the behaviour was likely to continue in future, and so she was given a removal order.

She was not at the hearing, and had no representation presented.

The panel heard that on or around August 17, 2017 when supporting child AA, then aged two, to the toilet, grabbed AA by the arm.

It was also heard that on or around August 2017 when helping child BB, then aged two, to put on his shoes, shouted at the child to “sit down” or words to that affect and grabbed him by the arms.

Sometime before September 2016, Ms McKinnon was found to have picked up a child and place them into a high chair in a rough manner, and shout “for goodness sake, this is ridiculous” or words to that effect.

She was also found to have shouted at child CC and grab them by the arm sometime before August 2017.

In finding her fitness to practise was impaired, the SSSC said: “The panel considered all the facts, circumstances and the evidence.

“They took into account your behaviour towards four very young children over four separate

days and that this was not a “one off” incident.

“There was a clear pattern of behaviour; it was shown that you were volatile and hot headed on more than one occasion, not only with children but staff members.

“From the outset you denied that you behaved in this way and having had sight of, and considered your detailed personal statement the denial is omni present.

“You have not provided any new information for the Panel to consider; there are no testimonials or references before the Panel.”

The SSSC continued: “The Panel could only conclude that (a) you had not taken any remedial steps to change or improve your behaviour towards young children, (b) there was a risk of repetition of this type of behaviour in the future, (c) there is a complete lack of insight and (d) you have shown no remorse.

“In all the circumstances the Panel agreed that your fitness to practice remains impaired because of misconduct.”