St Andrews RC High School senior prize winners 2022/23

Hard work, graft and dedication was the central message at a Kirkcaldy high school’s annual awards ceremony held before the end of term.
The senior winners from St Andrew's RC High School for 2022/23.  (pic: submitted)The senior winners from St Andrew's RC High School for 2022/23.  (pic: submitted)
The senior winners from St Andrew's RC High School for 2022/23. (pic: submitted)

Patrick Callaghan, headteacher at St Andrew's RC High reflected on the achievements of the school’s young people recognised and honoured for their skills and talents recently.

Addressing over 300 award winners, their families and friends in the school’s games hall at the end of term, Mr Callaghan related how schools were all about the people in them with their own particular story to tell with each and every one valued for who they are and for what they achieve.

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This year’s guest of honour at the ceremony was Matt Stewart, CEO of Entrepreneur me.

Mr Callaghan urged awards recipients to use their prize as recognition of their success but also as an incentive to strive even higher and further to always “give your very best in using your God-given talents for your continued success and also the positive impact you have and will continue to have on others”.

The headteacher paid tribute to the school’s staff and parent body thanking them “for all they have done in support of our young people” and for putting their trust “in St Andrew’s RC High for your children and young people each day”.

Addressing the school leavers, he said: “Leaving high school is one of those milestone years in a young person’s life and you should be proud of the many positive experiences and achievements you have had – and shared – in your time here. You will hopefully look back to your school days with affection, remembering all the opportunities you had – both in class and out – during your time here. Whilst all your exam passes are important you should also not forget how you have grown as a young person too; the skills you have learned and developed and the wider achievements and learning experiences associated with our school in which you have been involved. You have every right to be proud of your successes. You are a credit to the school, your families and yourselves and I wish you all continued success in the next part of life’s journey.”

Prize winners

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Subject winners: S4: Admin (attainment) – Anju Mathew; Admin (effort & progress) – Charli Pullar; Application of Maths (attainment) – Krystal Walker; Application of Maths (effort & progress) – Riley Robertson; Art (attainment) – Jaiden Kaluzna; Art (effort & progress) – Niamh Devlin; Business Management (attainment) – Alicia Gancarz; Business Management (effort & progress) – Owen Olszok; Drama (attainment) – Amy Blyth; Drama (effort & progress) – Mathew Callaghan; English (attainment) – Anju Mathew; English (effort & progress) – Liam Ferguson; German (attainment) – Sophie Blane; German (effort & progress) – Charli Pullar; Physical Education Games (attainment) – Brooke McAlonie; Physical Education Games (effort & progress) – Joseph Crawford; Physical Education Aesthetics (attainment) – Alisha Iqbal; Physical Education Aesthetics (effort & progress) – Faye Ballantyne; Hospitality (attainment) – Krystal Walker; Hospitality (effort & progress) – Faye Ballantyne; Health & Food Technology (attainment) – Krystal Walker; Health & Food Technology (effort & progress) – Amy Brown; Childcare (attainment) – Amy Blyth; Childcare (effort and progress) – Isla Haig; Fashion and Textiles (attainment) – Alyssa Solanis; Fashion and Textiles (effort and progress) – Neve Muir; Maths (attainment) – Alicja Gancarz; Maths (effort & progress) – Brooke McAlone; Music (attainment) – Charli Pullar; Music (effort & progress) – Samija Bruniniece; Woodwork (attainment) – Alyssa Solanis; Woodwork (effort & progress) – Jake Berchtenbreiter; Graphic Communication (attainment) – Joseph Crawford; Graphic Communication (effort & progress) – Wiktoria Onak; Design & Manufacture (attainment) – Niamh Gorman; Design & Manufacture (effort & progress) – Grace Patrick; Physics (attainment) – Charli Pullar; Physics (effort & progress) – Brooke McAlonie; Chemistry (attainment) – Kinga Bucko; Biology (attainment) – Sophie Blane; Geography (attainment) – Charli Pullar; Geography (effort & progress) – Ellie May Brownlie; History (attainment) – Marke Rembiasz; History (effort & progress) – Taylor Sharp; Modern Studies (attainment) Brooke McAlonie and Toby Tomkinson; Modern Studies (effort & progress) – Amarachi Chuba. S5: Admin (attainment) – Megan Millar; Admin (effort & progress) – Libby Millar; Application of Maths (attainment) – Connor Bonellie; Application of Maths (effort & progress) – Owen Bernard; Art (effort & progress) – Efan Owen and Alex Zubrov; Business Management (attainment) – Amal Benny; Business Management (effort & progress) – Molly Penman; English (attainment) – Megan Millar; English (effort & progress) – Aiden McGroarty; German (attainment) – Matthew Ferguson; German (effort & progress) – Hannah Fortune; Physical Education Games (attainment) – Jay Duff; Physical Education Games (effort & progress) – Emily O’Sullivan; Physical Education Aesthetics (attainment) – Ciara Gibbons; Physical Education Aesthetics (effort & progress) – Jaime Glover; Childcare (attainment) – Megan Millar; Childcare (effort & progress) – Kainaat Ali; Maths (attainment) Mathew Panicker; Maths (effort & progress) – Amy Nicolson; Music (attainment) – Maria Hinojosa; Music (effort & progress) – Jack Foster; Woodwork (effort & progress) – Jack Foster; Design & Manufacture (attainment) – Jenna Walsh; Design & Manufacture (effort & progress) – Ruby Seago; Physics (attainment) – Affan Sher; Physics (effort & progress) – Marianne Bargeton; Chemistry (attainment) – Affan Sher; Biology (attainment) – Affan Sher; Biology (effort & progress) – Mathew Panicker; RE (attainment) – Orla Murray; RE (effort & progress) – Megan Millar; History (attainment) – Matthew Ferguson; History (effort & progress) – Hannah Fortune; Modern Studies (attainment) – Kieran Forsyth and Megan Millar; Modern Studies (effort & progress) – Kainaat Ali and Elisha Abraham. S6: Admin (attainment) – Jake McKay; Admin (effort & progress) – Pawel Smialek; Application of Maths (attainment) – Murray Urqhart; Application of Maths (effort & progress) – Candence Foster; Art (attainment) – Kirsten MacKenzie; Art (effort & progress) – Niamh O’Rafferty; Business Management (attainment) – Oscar Kelly; Business Management (effort & progress) – Murray Urqhart; English (attainment) – Sally Gillespie; English (effort & progress) – Niamh O’Rafferty; Sports Leaders (attainment) – Kayla Graham; Sports Leaders (effort & progress) – Jake McKay; Physical Education Games (attainment) – Toby Etheridge; Physical Education Games (effort & progress) – Cormac McKenna; Physical Education Advanced Higher (attainment) – Niall McCorquordale; Physical Education Advanced Higher (effort & progress) – Oscar Kelly; Hospitality (attainment) – Kyle Aird; Hospitality (effort & progress) – Sophie Dawson; Health & Food Technology (attainment) – Sally Gillespie; Health and Food Technology (effort & progress) – Kayla Graham; Cake Craft (attainment) – Sally Gillespie; Cake Craft (effort & progress) – Kyle Aird; Maths (attainment) – Callum Smith; Maths (effort & progress) – Naomi Obasuyi; Music (attainment) – Callum Smith; Music (effort & progress) – Lewis Neil and Vincent Law; Woodwork (attainment) – Callum Smith; Woodwork (effort & progress) – Josh Saunders; Graphic Communication (attainment) – Callum Smith; Design & Manufacture (effort & progress) – Leo Ness; Physics (attainment) – Mohammed Berrwin; Biology (attainment) – Niamh O’Rafferty; RE (attainment) – Eileen Elias; RE (effort & progress) – Lewis Neil; RE Advanced Higher (attainment) – Niamh O’Rafferty; Geography (attainment) – Jacob Allan; Geography (effort & progress) – Jake McKay; Modern Studies (attainment) – Sadikshya Sapkota.

Personal Achievement Awards. S4: Alisha Iqbal – dance; Amy Blyth – outdoor bowls; Daniel Bell – football; Ewan McAdam – cross country skiing; Gabriel McEwan – judo/D of E Silver (participating)/Intermediate Maths Challenge Winner; Luca Valente – football; Neve Muir – performing arts/D of E Silver (participating); Alyssa Solanis – D of E Silver (participating); Amanda Graham – D of E Silver (participating); Amarachi Chuba – D of E Silver (participating); Andrew Dryburgh – D of E Silver (participating); Brooke McAlonie – D of E Bronze (Completed); Callum McKinlay – football; Charli Pullar – D of E Bronze (Completed)/Intermediate Maths Challenge Winner; Charlie Nicol – D of E Silver (participating); Connor Thomson – football; Emma Wallace – D of E Silver (participating); Erin Miller – D of E Silver (participating); Gabriel McIntyre – D of E Silver (participating)/Intermediate Maths Challenge Winner; Hayden Wilson – football; Joseph Crawford – football; Kinga Bucko – D of E Silver (participating); Laura Shearer – dance; Luca Cechiari – D of E Silver (participating); Lucy Saunders – D of E Bronze (Completed); Luke Olszok – football; Marek Rembiasz – football; Micah Hamed – football; Natalie Cegielka – Intermediate Maths Challenge Winner; Niamh Devlin – D of E Silver (participating); Niamh Gorman – D of E Silver (participating); Nicholas Hubka – Intermediate Maths Challenge Winner/ D of E Bronze (Completed); Samuel McWilliams – football; Sophie Blane – D of E Bronze (Completed); Stewart Key – D of E Silver (participating); Taylor Sharp – Intermediate Maths Challenge Winner; Wiktor Bak – Intermediate Maths Challenge Winner; Liam Ferguson – cycling/swimming; Matthew Callaghan – Cadets/badminton/music/D of E Silver (participating). S5: Affan Sher – D of E Silver (Completed); Alina Benny – Senior Maths Challenge Winner; Ciara Gibbons – dance; Ciaran McHale – football; Codi Johnston – D of E Silver (Completed)/Senior Maths Challenge Winner; Emily O'Sullivan – D of E Silver (Completed); Euan Robertson – D of E Bronze (Completed); Hayley Chalmers – music; Jaime Glover – dance; James Orr – football; Jenna Walsh – D of E Bronze (Completed); Kayla Aitken – dance; Kieran Forsyth – D of E Gold (participating)/Senior Maths Challenge Winner; Marianne Bargeton – D of E Silver (Completed); Neive Macari – dance; Patrick Doran – D of E Silver (Completed); Ruslan Bahlaj – Senior Maths Challenge Winner. S6: Annie McGregor – music; Callum Smith – Senior Maths Challenge Winner; Grace McCarroll – music; Joshua Saunders – ice hockey; Karol Droszkowski – D of E Silver/ music; Niall McCorquodale – music; Alix Forsyth – D of E Bronze (Completed).

Services to the community. S4: Katie Goldie – Supporting Others; Neve Muir – Drama/Supporting Others; Charlie Nicol – D of E Silver; Brooke McAlonie – German Exchange Host; Charli Pullar – German Exchange Host; Dominic Dyce – NPA Horticulture; Emilia Potrzebowska – German Exchange Host; Kinga Bucko – German Exchange Host; Laura Shearer – NPA Horticulture; Lucy Saunders – German Exchange Host; Reece Jackson – NPA Horticulture; Sasha Arcimovics – NPA Horticulture; Liam Ferguson – NPA Horticulture/Bike Club; Matthew Callaghan – Hospitality / German Exchange Host; Aimee-Louise MacLean – Choir; Amy Blyth – Choir. S5: Bobby Jack – Coaching; Efan Owen – Supporting Others Art; Hannah Fortune – German Exchange Host; Kieran Forsyth – YPI / Charity; Logan Jackson – German Exchange Host; Matthew Ferguson – German Exchange Host; Codi Johnston – Medical work; Elisha Abraha – Medical work; Jack Foster – Choir; Marianne Bargeton – Medical work; Neive Macari – Coaching/Supporting Dance. S6: Annie McGregor – Charity / Music; Grace McCarroll – Charity / Music / Caritas; Karol Droszkowski Raynor – Cadets; Kyle Aird – Supporting Others; Niall McCorquodale – Charity / Music / Church; Toby Etheridge – Charity / Fundraising; Baillie Douglas – Supporting Others; Connor Stevenson – Supporting Others.

Services to school community: Retiring Senior Prefects – Collette Allan, Kayla Graham, Toby Etheridge; Retiring Senior School Captains – Eileen Elias, Niall McCorquodale; CLD Citizenship Award – Kayla Graham; Proxime Accessit – Callum Smith; Dux of the School – Gosia Mroz; Outstanding Service to the Community for Music – Niall McCorquodale; Matt Stewart Award for Outstanding – Toby Etheridge; CARITAS Award and the Catenian Quaich for Outstanding Contribution to the School – Grace McCarroll.