Video: Pupils in Kirkcaldy delighted with exam results

Senior pupils at Kirkcaldy High with their exam results. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.
Senior pupils at Kirkcaldy High with their exam results. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.

The wait is finally over as young people across Fife received their SQA exam results today (Tuesday).

Anyone aged between 15 and 18 will know that today is a very important day because it’s the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Rector of Kirkcaldy High Derek Allan. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.

Rector of Kirkcaldy High Derek Allan. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.

And for pupils at Kirkcaldy High School, all the hard work paid off as senior pupils revealed their results.

Megan Jobson (17), S5, told The Press she was really pleased with her grades.

She said: “I got what I was looking for, I got five As at Higher so I am really happy with that.

“They were in French, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Modern Studies.

Senior pupils at St Andrew's RC High School with headteacher Patrick Callaghan.

Senior pupils at St Andrew's RC High School with headteacher Patrick Callaghan.

“I want to apply for medicine for entry next year so this year I am doing three advanced Highers in three of those subjects - Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

“I quite like the idea of going to St Andrews University because it has two medical schools but I am quite happy with any of the ones in Scotland because they are all good.”

Megan revealed why she has opted to go for a career in medicine: “I have never always wanted to do it because I didn’t know anyone who went to uni. It wasn’t until I came to high school I realised it was something I could do,” she said.

“So I started looking into it and I got work experience by volunteering in the children’s ward at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. That was a good experience and it showed me what I want to do.”

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Callum O’Connor (18), S5, said he also got the results he was hoping for.

He got passes in Maths, Computing and Practical Woodworking as well as completing a two-year Foundation Apprenticeship in Software Development.

He said: “I am going to go on and get a Higher HND in Computer Games development at the Fife College Stenton campus in Glenrothes.”

He revealed why he chose gaming: “I had been all over the place - first it was woodwork then it was engineering and then it was gaming. I have made two different games for a school in Glenrothes. He added: “I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I have got it.”

Emily McCormack (18), S6, said: “I got a B in Advanced Higher English, a B in Higher Classics, a B in Higher Politics and it was Advanced Higher Latin I didn’t do the best in.

“I am looking to study English Literature at Dundee University. I took a real liking towards English and it was something I became accustomed to very well. I really understood it and learned to love it.”

Steph Blyth (17), S6, said she also achieved the results she was looking for: “I didn’t have any conditions I had an unconditional and I am going to St Andrews which is a really prestigious uni. I still wanted to do well especially when I had put so much work in before I got an unconditional.”

Steph got an A in Human Biology, an A in Classical Studies, an A in Psychology and an A in Geography.

She said she now hopes to study Psychology at St Andrews University: “It is all to do with people and when I graduate from uni I really want to do something that gives back to the community. I would quite like to be a Special Needs teacher.”

While John Hamilton (16), S5, said his results were better than he expected, achieving straight As.

He said: “I got them in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and the one I was a bit more surprised about was English.

“I don’t have to do English again I am so happy! This year I am doing the Advanced Highers in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Mathmatics and Mechanics. I eventually want to do a degree in Maths and possibly Theoretical Physics as well and I am hoping to go to either Cambridge or St Andrews University.”

John revealed he recently attended a Summer School at Cambridge University: “With doing First Chances I had the option to go to St Andrews Summer School but because I was away for a family holiday in America I was out for that timing. I looked through the Sutton Trust universities and I saw Cambridge and I got in!

“The week went great and I got to hang out with people who are properly invested in maths just like I was and it was great to see different types of people who were more similar to me.”

He added: “It was great I loved it.”

Derek Allan, rector at Kirkcaldy High, said he is always wary of making generalisations at exam time: “The exams are only one, albeit important, aspect of our work and we value happiness, wellbeing and attitude just as highly as grades and certificates,” he said.

“It’s also the case that everybody’s best will always be different, just like everybody’s path ahead will be different. That said, very well done to everyone who tried their best and congratulations to those who have achieved their personal goals.

“Qualifications can open doors and increase choice post-school, so I am delighted to note that the Higher Grade achievement of our Sixth Year leavers is at the highest level it has ever been in my time as Rector.

“This is down to lots of hard work on the part of our young people, their teachers and the support staff here.”

He added: “It’s also a credit to the support given by families across Kirkcaldy.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Callaghan, head teacher at St Andrew’s RC High, also paid tribute to pupils.

He said: “As our results are studied in detail over the days and weeks ahead first impressions are that there will be many happy pupils and families across our catchment area of the north and east of Fife - with particularly impressive results in Fourth Year (S4) this year. This is really pleasing as a lot of work has gone in across subjects departments with our pupils in First to Third Year (S1-S3) to better prepare them for exam success in the Senior Phase. Next year our S4 pupils will be taking an extra subject with the potential of an additional qualification in 2020. Pictured is the recently-elected Senior Prefect Team who should be proud of their achievements and exam successes to date. Congratulations to all our pupils on their individual successes - to our leavers, wishing them much success in their new jobs or at college and university. For those pupils returning in two weeks time there will be opportunities to discuss results and next steps with their Guidance Teacher as they build on this year’s good results for future positive destinations.”

He added “My thanks go to all the staff who have worked hard with our pupils to ensure they achieved the very best they were capable of at the various levels of national qualifications and to parents/carers and families for all the support they give in supporting the school and their children in their studies.”

Calum MacFarlane, acting headteacher at Viewforth High School, added: “While it is early to give a detailed analysis of the exam results it is clear that the pupils at Viewforth High School have again delivered a series of good exam results.

“There will be many happy families from across the community and this is testament to the hard work and effort put in by the pupils and teachers and I would like to pass on my congratulations to them.

“It is clear that the individual success stories where pupils have surpassed expectations, especially amongst pupils who have been coping with other stresses in their lives, is a credit to their dedication that they have achieved well.”