Coronavirus in Fife: Record high surge in new cases

The number of cases is rising in Fife.The number of cases is rising in Fife.
The number of cases is rising in Fife.
Fife has had the largest rise so far in covid19 cases overnight, adding more even than at any time during the first wave.

According to today’s statistics there were 83 new cases – almost double the previous day’s new cases.

2634 cases have now been detected in Fife since the start of the outbreak, up from 2551 yesterday.

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The number of people currently who have tested positive in Fife hospitals is now 51, with 11 more than yesterday.

There are also 11 people in intensive care with the virus.

A total of 1,011,507 people in Scotland have been tested at least once. Of these people, 68,444 have tested positive.

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