15 people die in a week from coronavirus in Fife

The statistics are released each week.The statistics are released each week.
The statistics are released each week. | JPIMedia
177 people have now died from coronavirus in Fife, according to new statistics today.

The latest figures released by the Scottish Government this afternoon show that Fife has an increase of 15 deaths since last week’s briefing.

Of the 177 deaths in Fife, 66 occurred in care homes, with 15 at home, and 96 in hospitals.

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Across Scotland, 3,213 people have died with covid19 mentioned on the death certificate since the first appearances began in mid-March. It is a further 333 deaths than last week’s recorded figures.

North of the border, 1,623 deaths due to coronavirus have now been reported in care homes, with 1,664 hospital deaths and 255 at home.

The latest death statistics cover the period between May 11 and May 17.