Council tells staff to get back to work

Fife Council HQ.Fife Council HQ.
Fife Council HQ. | JPIMedia
Fife Council is telling some staff to go back into work, after weeks of being at home or redeployed elsewhere.

The local authority says that any workers among the department being recalled who don’t have an underlying health, issue but don’t wish to return, can opt for unpaid leave.

The aim is to prevent environmental health issues from developing, with problems like gardening, street cleaning, rubbish and flytipping being the focus of the

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Ken Gourlay, Head of Assets, Transportation & Environment said: “We are re-starting a number of services to help keep Fife clean and combat potential environmental health issues.

"These include essential grass cutting in places to make sure some public areas don't become over-run so that they can't be recovered.”

Mr Gourlay also attacked irresponsible behaviour which has seen some rubbish build up.

“Also street cleaning and fly-tipping clearing which are, unfortunately, essential to tackle rubbish building up in some areas due to the irresponsible - and illegal - behaviour of a minority of the public.

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“I know people are keen to see recycling centres open, however we are following clear advice from the Scottish Government in keeping these closed, and the position is the same across other council areas.

"We are also re-starting the garden care scheme for vulnerable tenants who can't manage their own gardening. Again, this is to make sure their property doesn't become too overgrown.

"All the tasks have been risk assessed and arrangements are in place to make sure staff can maintain appropriate social distancing at work.

“We also have hand sanitisers and appropriate personal protective equipment available for everyone who needs it.

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“Managers have briefed all staff involved in these roles and made it clear how important it is to stick to the Government and health guidelines.

"In general our employees welcome a return to work wherever this is possible, as we're all keen to play our part.

“Obviously some people cannot work as they normally would because of underlying health conditions or the need to self-isolate however, we expect anyone who is able to work to do so.

"As these are exceptional circumstances, if someone who's not prevented from working for medical reasons still feels they can't carry out the role we're asking of them, they will be allowed to opt for unpaid leave."