Fife Council employees applauded for ongoing efforts in coronavirus crisis

David Alexander and David Ross, co-leaders of Fife CouncilDavid Alexander and David Ross, co-leaders of Fife Council
David Alexander and David Ross, co-leaders of Fife Council | Other 3rd Party
Council staff are being thanked for their efforts so far as everyone works together to tackle the coronavirus crisis.

David Alexander and David Ross, co-leaders of Fife Council, have praised the local authority’s employees for working so hard to keep essential services going in the Kingdom during these exceptional circumstances.

Councillor Alexander said he is “so proud of everyone in this team effort”.

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He said: “I want to personally thank all our staff in the Fife Council team who are dealing with their own pressures and family commitments, as well as providing a great public service to the people of Fife.

“Many people are working from home and many are working on the front line supporting vulnerable families, communities and voluntary efforts to help us through this crisis.

“And at a time when staffing levels are reducing, people are volunteering to be redeployed into areas where they are needed most.

“It’s heartening to see people pulling together to deliver our critical services.”

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Councillor Ross urged the public to appreciate the efforts being put in by council staff to look after people as services change to cope with the situation.

He added: “Children of key workers are being looked after while teachers continue to teach pupils via the technology available, essential waste services continue to be delivered, and the most vulnerable in our communities continue to be supported.

“Local government staff who are out delivering essential services at this time deserve our support and respect more than ever.

“It’s important that they are safe and get the protection they need.

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"And when people are working so hard to meet pressing needs, please be aware of what you're posting on social media and be kind.

“It's important to be supportive of the efforts our staff are making. We are all in this together.

“These are tough times – but our staff are rising to the challenge and I applaud you all.”