Fifers urged to clap and pipe up for keyworkers

Residents clapped for NHS staff and carers last Thursday.Residents clapped for NHS staff and carers last Thursday.
Residents clapped for NHS staff and carers last Thursday. | JPIMedia
Last Thursday night people appeared on their doorsteps and at their windows to show their appreciation for the NHS and carers during this pandemic.

Many across the Kingdom took part in the #clapforcarers initiative at 8pm last week.

And this week they are being asked to show their appreciation once again at the same time tonight by clapping and making some noise for the NHS staff and other key workers.

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However this week, bagpipers across Scotland and beyond are also preparing for a unique mass tribute to all the workers and ordinary people helping to keep society safe and functioning during the crisis.

The Pipe Up for Key Workers event will also take place at 8pm this evening with musicians joining together in a rendition of Scotland the Brave to show gratitude and support for the hard work being done every day as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise across the globe.

Anyone taking part is being asked to play along from a safe place, making sure to observe social-distancing advice.

Finlay MacDonald, the newly appointed director of Scotland’s National Piping Centre, is one of the organisers of the event.

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He will be playing outside his home in Glasgow’s Clarkston area, accompanied by his sons on chanters and – at a distance – a number of other musicians around the neighbourhood.

“We’re trying to unite that will of the people to show our support to all the key workers and staff of the NHS,” he said.

“We’re in Scotland so we thought getting the pipes out would be a nice thing to do

“I went out and did the round of applause with my family last week, and it was very emotional. I think that’s the sort of thing we all need at this time.

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“We just thought this would be a really special way to show our gratitude.

“We’re doing it just to show our support to all the key staff - it’s such an uncharted time for all of us, and the people who are out there on the frontline, saving lives and feeding us and stuff that’s so important, it’s just to show appreciation.

“Piping is pretty global and hopefully that will be represented in this gesture, and ‘Scotland the Brave’ is probably the most-known tune in the piping repertoire.”

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